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MVP Starter Kit bundle including clickable app prototype, app screen designs, tech recommendations report, and MVP features roadmap delivered in 10 days

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As someone without a tech background, you're probably drowning in questions like:
- What programming language do I even use?
- What if I build the wrong thing?
- How do I build an MVP without blowing my whole budget?

Well, I've got the answers you need. With over a decade of experience building and launching apps as a Software Engineer,

I've identified the four ESSENTIAL items every non-tech founder like yourself needs to get unstuck and make real progress:

Clickable mobile app prototype screens illustrating user flow from concept to design to final prototype

1- Design a Clickable

Show, don't Tell

Explaining your idea with plain words can be tough, show them with an interactive Prototype that simulates how your app will work.

Validate Before You Build

Easily share the prototype with investors and potential clients, and get feedback before writing a single line of code - save time and money.

2- Communicate Your App Idea with Stunning Designs

Visualize your app's features

High-quality app designs that capture your app's features and functionality.

Ready to Share with Developers

Developers need these designs to understand your needs and code each screen accurately.

Five stunning app screen designs for a workout and fitness app, enabling clear communication of the app's capabilities and user experience.
Example tech recommendations report outlining technical needs, limitations, suggested stack, alternatives and potential developers for a social app idea

3- Tailored Tech Report

Tailored to Your Needs

I'll recommend the optimal tech stack based on your specific app requirements, budget and timeline.

No Gambling With Costly Mistakes

Avoid hiring the wrong team or using inefficient tools - maximize your ROI.

4- Select the Essential MVP Features for Your App Idea

Build What Matters First

I'll help you identify and prioritize the critical features to make up your minimum viable product (MVP). No guesswork.

Stay Lean and Launch Faster

By focusing on essential features, you can launch your app faster and start generating revenue ASAP.

Example MVP Features Roadmap Report outlining a list and dashboard of features with its status, priority, effort level and impact level.

How The MVP Starter Kit Works

Video Chat Icon
Step One: Intro Call

We'll jump on an Intro 1-1 call to discuss your app idea and needs.

List of Requirements Icon
Step Two: Translate Idea into Requirements

Then, I'll translate all that into a crystal clear requirements doc that captures EXACTLY what you want to build. No more devs misinterpreting things. A strategic MVP roadmap that prioritizes just the must-have features to start, keeping it minimum.

Tap Icon to mimic a click-through prototype
Step Three: Design and Prototype

Receive a click-through prototype and App Designs to visually showcase your idea. Ready to share with others with just a link. This is your chance to wow people.

Tech Report Icon
Step Four: Tailored Tech Report

After analyzing your needs (tech requirements, budget, and time frames), you'll get a custom tech recommendation report that lays out the programming languages, tools and platforms you should use to build this thing right. No newbie mistakes here.

Previous Work

Other non-tech entrepreneurs just like you have successfully brought their app ideas to life using my MVP Starter Kit service.

App Promo Image showing a Crypto-powered Pawn Shop
App Promo Image showing the designs of an Injury Recovery Tracker App
App Promo Image showing the designs of an AI Powered App to translate what you really want to say into work appropriate language.

Happy Customers!

Read what fellow entrepreneurs have to say about the MVP Starter Kit:

As someone without a tech background, Ines broke everything down into simple terms I could understand. The prototype let me validate my idea before spending a ton on development.
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Anthony Castillo

Founder of SkillShare

The MVP Starter Kit provided me with the tools and guidance I needed to turn my app idea into a successful reality. Ines was incredibly knowledgeable and supportive throughout the entire process.
image placeholder

Bianca Torres


Ines helped me figure out the best programming language for my app idea to develop it quickly, and even introduced me to the right developer.
image placeholder

Mark Lee


The MVP Starter Kit exceeded my expectations. It provided me with a clear roadmap and all the resources I needed to kickstart my app idea as a non-tech founder.
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Alexa Nguyen


I had an idea for a mobile app, but no technical knowledge to make it a reality. Ines' MVP package was the perfect solution - she listened to my idea, created an interactive prototype to test it out in a few days, and gave me all the tech recommendations to actually build it properly.
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Sarah Wilson

Founder of Fitonomy

Investor meetings were a struggle because we just had wireframes and text descriptions of our app idea. We needed something visual and interactive to really sell it. Ines' prototype gave us that missing piece to get buy-in. Can't recommend her services enough if you're a non-technical founder."
image placeholder

Stephanie Rojas

Co-Founder RoverThat

MVP Starter Bundle Pricing

As a non-technical founder, the standard approach is to piece things together by hiring multiple experts:

Tech Consultant for the Tech Report (Hourly Rate $150-$500)

First, you'd need to bring in a tech consultant whose hourly rates range from $150-$500. The analysis and research needed to create the custom tech report takes around 8 hours. So you're looking at $1,200-$4,000 right there.

Project Manager for the MVP Roadmap ($400-$600)

Then, you'd hire a Project Manager (and make sure they understand tech) to document full requirements and prioritize an MVP roadmap. For their expertise, they'd charge $400-$600.

App Designer for the Prototype and Screens Designs ($3,000 to $10,000)

Finally, the big one - you'd need to find an app designer or agency to create visual prototypes and comprehensive app screen designs. For that full scope, they'll easily bill you $3,000-$10,000.

Total Value: $4,750. Ouch!

Plus, it could take you months to find the right people and ensure everyone's on the same page, which really slows things down.

The $1,597 MVP Starter Kit Slashes Those Upfront Fees. By focusing solely on validating your core MVP idea, and keeping the scope tight on essentials to prevent budget-bloating feature creep.

MVP Starter Kit
Perfect for non-tech
1-on-1 Intro Call
10 Days Delivery
Prototype (up to 7 screens)
Ready-to-Share Prototype
App Designs (up to 7 screens)
100% Personalized Service
Tech Recommendations
10 years of experience
App Features Roadmap
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Find answers to common questions about the MVP Starter Kit and the process involved.

Have further questions? Reach out:

What is the MVP Starter Kit?

The MVP Starter Kit is a bundle designed to help non technical entrepreneurs kickstart their app ideas. It includes a 1-1 call, a click-through prototype, app designs, tech stack recommendations, and a roadmap to build essential features.

How can the prototype help me?

You're probably used to people's eyes glazing over when you try explaining your app concept, right? Words on a page just don't capture it. But with an interactive, clickable prototype that simulates how your app will actually work? That's when the magic happens. You can finally show people your vision instead of just telling them. And get real feedback before wasting time and money building something nobody wants.

What are app designs?

App designs are visual representations of your app's user interface. They serve as a blueprint for developers and help ensure a consistent and user-friendly design. No more "I thought you meant..." or feature miscommunications.

How do I choose the right tech stack?

Making the wrong tech decisions could cost you thousands, maybe even tank your app before liftoff. That's why I spend so much time upfront analyzing every aspect of your app requirements – the features, scalability needs, budget, timeline, everything – to recommend the optimized tech stack. Whether that's a specific coding language, tools, or platform, it'll be tailored to maximize your chance of success. No random guessing.

What is included in the MVP Features Roadmap?

You want to build it all, every single feature, am I right? Well that's a surefire way to run out of money and motivation before your app ever launches. My roadmap prioritizes just the critical, revenue-driving features to make up your MVP - keeping you focused and bringing your vision to market fast. And by launching an MVP first, you can get real user feedback to double down on what's working when you eventually expand the app. It's all about being strategic, not letting scope creep sink your project.